Mirepa visits women cooperatives in Northern Ghana

Earlier this month, members of the Mirepa Capital and Mirepa Investment Advisors team visited women producer groups and cooperatives in three regions in northern Ghana.   The membership of these producer groups and cooperatives collectively exceeded over 2000 and formed critical parts of the supply chains of female-led/owned businesses that the Mirepa team is supporting through one of its interventions for a client.

It is heartwarming to know that our interventions go to improve the livelihoods of these women, who work in various agricultural value chains including rice and shea as well as basket production.  Mirepa’s support is a value-chain driven approach that strengthens several supply chains by helping the businesses that source from them to stabilize and scale their operations.  In all 10 female-led/owned businesses that work with these producer groups and cooperatives are being supported by Mirepa.

This value chain approach forms a key part of Mirepa’s gender lens and job creation strategies for its investments.  By investing in businesses using this approach, significantly larger numbers of indirect jobs and livelihoods are impacted.