Key members of the Mirepa team have been building, supporting and investing in African SMEs for over a decade. The company is committed to driving sustainable impact through the growth of viable, scalable and profitable SMEs in Ghana (and by extension West Africa). Mirepa backs businesses that have the following characteristics:

  • Strong leadership team with deep domain expertise
  • Teams that have the desire and commitment to scale their businesses regionally and/or internationally
  • Businesses that are led by women and/or employ women in key roles
  • SMEs that create jobs without sacrificing financial discipline
  • Business models that can scale rapidly (both in impact and financial performance)

Our Impact Focus

The missing middle

Mirepa believes that sustainable socio-economic development in our region can only be achieved with productive private sector development. We also believe that entrepreneurship plays a critical role in that process. This is why we are passionate about creating value for the missing middle because that is where it all begins.

Investments in SMEs form a critical path to addressing most of the social issues in West Africa. Although SMEs are a key source of job creation and economic development in emerging markets, they lack the capital, technical assistance and support required to drive sustainable growth and scale. Mirepa’s impact activities focuses on supporting promising SMEs with patient risk capital. We offer more than just money, we provide SMEs we support with technical assistance and tailored value addition interventions required to help the SMEs meet both the financial and impact targets.

Mirepa’s impact focus aligns with the SDGs.

Our Funds

Mirepa’s maiden fund Mirepa Capital SME Fund I (MCSF I), expected to close in Q1 2020 will provide SEED and SERIES A capital to early-stage businesses and SMEs in Ghana, but with a regional and/or international focus. Investment ticket sizes will be in the range of $100K to $2M, with investments in Agribusiness, Education, Fintech and Healthcare. For all investments, the following sector lenses will be used: Light Manufacturing, Technology or Climate/Cleantech.