Mirepa Investment Advisors is a licensed Investment Advisor and emerging fund manager authorized to manage private equity and venture capital funds in Ghana.

Our maiden fund is a missing middle fund that provides patient risk capital for early-stage businesses and SMEs in Ghana. The fund is a local currency fund and is domiciled in Ghana.

Our investments focus on resilient sectors that provide basic and essential services (Agribusiness, Education, Business Services, Financial Services, and Healthcare) but do so using lenses that drive job creation, empower women in business, and promote sustainable practices. These lenses are light manufacturing which creates jobs, and technology which allows us to exponentially scale impact and climate impact.

Our investment ticket sizes range evenly covers the entire spectrum of the missing middle and our goal is to ensure that we have at least 30% of our portfolio being women-led and/or owned businesses.

One of the key factors to success lies in our strong value-addition interventions which we deploy through technical assistance to the businesses we support to ensure that they rapidly scale and deliver the desired impact and return.

Our core team is made up of good compliment of operators and investment professionals as well as a good gender balance (at the operational and board levels). The team has extensive experience in the sectors as well as markets of focus.