MCSFI is an impact fund managed by Mirepa Investment Advisors (MIA). MCSFI invests using three sector lenses: light manufacturing, technology, and cleantech/climate change mitigation, with a strong gender consideration. The four primary sector verticals the fund targets are Agribusiness, Education, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Business Services (including industrial and mining support), with consideration for opportunistic investments that may not fall under any of these groupings.

MCSFI is a missing middle fund that invests between the local currency equivalent of US$100K – US$2M. The fund targets companies domiciled and operating in Ghana and can generate forex through exports and/or are not heavily dependent on imported raw materials. The ideal companies being targeted should have at least three years of operation history to demonstrate traction and growth potential. The fund prioritizes business models that are scalable with large addressable markets (locally and internationally). 

Kindly review the investment criteria here prior to filling out the forms.



  • Step 1: Complete the preliminary information form
  • Step 2: Receive an email confirming the receipt of the information.
  • Step 3: Conduct virtual meetings(s) to assess prospective company potential against the MCSFI’s initial requirements.
  • Step 4: Present the deal to the internal investment committee for approval to proceed with further screening (commercial/light due diligence).
  • Step 5: Commence light due diligence, including document verification and engaging sponsors. This may involve site visits and in-person meetings with key team members of the pipeline company.
  • Step 6: Present the deal to the Investment Committee (IC) to obtain in-principle approval for extensive due diligence (EDD).
  • Step 7: Commence EDD and present the findings to the Investment Committee for final deal approval.
  • Step 8: Disburse funds according to agreed terms and begin active portfolio management/value addition to achieve pre-agreed financial and social impact goals.

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